Product Type: Excel Add-In
SII Assist
Your Solvency II Reporting Solution
Product Type: Excel Add-In
SII Assist
Your Solvency II Reporting Solution

About SII Assist – Your Solvency II Reporting Solution

SII Assist is one of the most widely used Insurance Reporting solutions in Europe. Trusted by over 300 companies across 15 different countries, SII Assist is a flexible, easy to use solution to make the completion of Solvency II reporting as simple as possible.

SII Assist is an Excel-based reporting solution which allows you to complete the reporting templates in a familiar spreadsheet environment.

Versatile data handling features give you the option of quickly importing data from back-end databases or you have the option of simply copying in or entering data manually. The software can be implemented by large companies as a “last mile” reporting and reviewing tool, or by smaller insurers as a simple, easy to use reporting solution.

Extensive Validation testing is built into the software to ensure that the output is compliant not just with the EIOPA regulations, but also with the additional data quality checks required by some national regulators.

Aside from the core EIOPA QRTs, SII Assist will also output data for reporting:

  • ECB-add in data
  • Financial Stability Reporting
  • Solvency & Financial Condition Templates
  • National Specific Templates (UK, Ireland, Cyprus, France, Netherlands)
  • Internal Model and Market Risk Sensitivities (UK)

Excel Based

The SII Assist solution is an Excel-based software package in which a simple set up process will allow you to create tailored Excel workbooks containing the QRTs which you need to report for your quarterly and annual submissions.

The Excel basis of the software means there is very little demand placed on your IT resources. All that is required is a computer running current version of Windows and Excel.

Front screen

Data Entry and Import

The templates themselves are contained in a standard Excel spreadsheet which gives you multiple options as to how to populate the information in them.

Data can simply be typed in or copied across from other workbooks, or there are various data import functions which allow you to bring across information from back end databases or financial systems. XBRL reporting data can even be imported back into the Excel workbooks if required.

Validation Testing

SII Assist incorporates all of the validation tests specified by EIOPA and the national regulatory authorities. We have also incorporated many additional data checks in order to ensure that the data output is successfully uploaded and accepted by the regulators first time.

Validation menu

XBRL and Software Output

SII Assist will copy the data out from your QRT workbook into an XBRL formatted file for submission to your national regulator.

National Specific and other supplementary templates, (such as ECB or Financial Stability Reporting) will also be output in XBRL or any other format as required by the regulator.

The performance of the software has been optimised to the extent that even large annual returns can be output in just a few minutes.

Public disclosure (SFCR) templates can also be created from the workbook – all reformatted for easy publication.

NDF Reporting

At FS Assist we also have a product for non-directive reporting. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Further information and a demonstration of the software can be arranged by our sales team.