Product Type: Windows Desktop Application
Your Solvency II Dashboard

About Glass – Your Solvency II Dashboard

Introducing the FS Assist Solvency II Dashboard, Glass is our new management reporting tool which is designed to help you visualise and analyse the information contained in your XBRL Solvency II submissions.

The new submissions contain vast amounts of information about your company, and the flexibility inherent in the XBRL submission format means that data can be brought together in new ways giving you fresh insights into the financial position of your company.

The challenge is that the sheer volume of information in these reports can make it difficult to easily see some of the different trends emerging. Glass is designed to help simplify this information giving you a clear view of your regulatory information.

Analysis of Regulatory Solvency II XBRL Files

Glass is designed to interrogate copies of the actual XBRL files which you have submitted to your national regulator.

The tool can analyse files created by any Solvency II reporting system (not just SII Assist) and it can analyse the data which you have submitted to give you a clear understanding of your firm’s solvency position.

Quarter-on Quarter Trend Analysis

Glass will allow you to load XBRL files from multiple periods to allow you to build up a picture of some of the long term trends affecting your business.

Alternatively, you can use this functionality to compare different companies within the same group while also offering the flexibility to comparing annual submissions year-on year or even quarterly to annual information as desired.

Asset Reporting Analysis

Solvency II has brought about a requirement to report extremely detailed information about asset holdings which can be difficult to interpret directly from the reporting templates. However Glass will allow you to interrogate this data, to “slice and dice” the information to give you clear insights into what investments you hold, the sectors you are invested in, currency risk, which countries you hold assets in and so on.

Presentation of the Solvency II Submission

Trying to convey the main messages from your Solvency II submission around your company can be a challenge. Glass will allow you to quickly create a summary overview of your company’s solvency position to communicate the key points to executives in advance of them having to work through the full detail contained in the reporting templates.

Ease of Use

Glass boasts a similar intuitive reporting interface which the SII Assist reporting software is already known for, and is also backed up by our outstanding customer support team to help you glean the key insights from your reporting as quickly and easily as possible.

Further information and a demonstration of the software can be arranged by our sales team.